The latest Marvel Movie rumor to hit the Internet is that Dr. Strange will be appearing in Thor: The Dark World and that none other than Viggo Mortensen is in talks for the role.

You might not recognize the twitter account pictured below that “leaked” this two little rumored tidbits, but according to many sources, Roger Wardell has been hitting the bullseye on any inside Marvel movie news worth watching for many months.

Viggo Mortensen  as Dr. Strange?

Hell yes!

I’ve always thought of Dr. Strange as a haunted character, haunted by his past misdeeds and personal short comings. Mortensen plays those kinds of characters wonderfully. A star of his caliber gets signed on to play Dr. Strange and the possibilities of a Dr. Strange movie suddenly look very bright.

What do you think, can Viggo pull it off? Who else might take up the role if the talks go south?

Via: /Film

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