‘Star Trek Into The Darkness’ Title Confirmed!

The other day, we posted a report which supposedly revealed the title of J.J. Abram‘s Star Trek 2. Not even IMDb has the update yet. Perhaps they missed the memo?  Well, the report from Comingsoon.net turned out to be true! Confirmed by Trek Movie– fellow Trekkies- the sequel to Star Trek will official know as  Star Trek Into The Darkness. Trek Movie said the following:

This is a title that comes out of a long process of discussion amongst the creative team. As reported earlier, Paramount tested a number of titles for the film over the summer, including at least one title that did not include “Star Trek.” Also noted in our earlier article, the title (by design) does not include a colon, like were used for the Next Generation films such as “Star Trek: First Contact” or “Star Trek: Nemesis.”

According to sources, the creative team are still working on how they will officially roll out this new title. The first acknowledgement will likely be made with some kind of visual treatment, either a type treatment for the title or possibly even a teaser poster or image. Indications are that this official roll out should be coming soon.

Star Trek Into The Darkness? Sounds cliche to me honestly. It’s a space type sci-fi fantasy world. Into The Darkness… into the giant space world of blackness. I guess it’s better than the one-word names like, Nemesis and Generations. However, those names made sense once the audience saw the movie, so maybe this one will do the same. But that’s their story and they are sticking to it.  Domain names have already been taken by Paramount Pictures which include startrekintodarkness.com and startrekintodarknessmovie.com.
According to sources, the team is still trying to rattle their nerdy Trekkie brains as to how to officially unveil the title. I’m hoping for a teaser poster and very soon, because I simply cannot wait!
So dudes- what are your thoughts on the official movie title?

Source: Geektyrant

EDITORS NOTE: This article was provided by Nerd Bastards contributor Andrea Kay.

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