Marvel has successfully used short films to build continuity bridges between the different Marvel character franchise movies, linking Ironman, Thor, Captain America, and Hulk into one cohesive universe which culminated in The Avengers movie. These short films focused on and fleshed out the Agent Coulson character played by Clark Gregg, building his (rabid) fan base and establishing his important part in The Avengers on screen mythos.

The heir apparent to the short film focus is now Agent Jasper Sitwell played by actor Maximiliano Hernandez. Agent Sitwell will have some big shoes to fill in the after effects of The Avengers as he steps into fill the gap left by Agent Coulson’s passing. Item 47, which will be included in The Avengers Blue-ray/DVD release on September 25th, will be the first short film giving Agent Sitwell his chance to shine.

WhatCulture! had the chance to sit down with Maximiliano Hernandez and talk about the Agent Sitwell role in Item 47 and the future of the Sitwell character.

Hernandez describes Agent Sitwell:

“I play Agent Jasper Sitwell who in the comics was basically trained directly by Nick Fury. He’s a real comic book hero character created in the mid 60’s by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby; so it was kind of cool to play a character that really lives in the Marvel universe.”

“You know, he’s been around for 40-some-odd years and they gave me the shot to play his part, to sort of like, reinterpret the guy. And in the film world I’m paired up with Clarke Gregg’s character – Agent Coulson – I’m kind of like, his protégé. I guess now, because of what happened in Avengers, I’m stepping up to fill his shoes.”

“Yeah, we’re trying to assist the Superheroes. Which is nice; I like the idea that we’re sort of like the support team. You know like, we have no superpowers but we know as much about what’s going on and maybe sometimes a lot more than the Superheroes.”

On the topic of seeing Agent Sitwell in The Avengers 2:

“You know what, you very well could. Marvel is very good at keeping secrets, as you would imagine [laughs]. Well, they’re kind of good at it, ‘cause sometimes the odd detail leaks out. Like you’ll find something out online and you’ll be like “how the hell do people know that”. But they’re usually really good.”

“Like, I don’t know at all. I literally find out maybe like a month before I’m going to do something for them. I’ll get a phone call from Marvel and they’re like “hey, suit up, we’re sending you into battle”. But I’m pretty optimistic that, you know, I’m gonna get that phone call late in the year and it’s gonna be like “hey, get ready”. So… I’m excited.”

Let’s not forget the new ABC series S.H.I.E.L.D. under pre-production. There’s a better than average chance that Agent Sitwell will make some appearances on the show.

What do you think? Agent Sitwell can never replace Agent Coulson in our hearts but perhaps he can carry Agent Coulson’s legacy forward into the future.

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