It’s been eight years since Samurai Jack ended its four year run on Cartoon Network and ever since fans have been crying out for a proper ending and creator Genndy Tartakovsky has been trying to deliver a movie to do just that. Recently, while out making the press rounds for Hotel Transylvania, Tartakovsky told IGN the latest update on the Samurai Jack flick,

I’ve been trying so hard every year, and the one amazing thing about Jack is that I did it in 2001, you know, and it still survived. There’s something about it that’s connected with people. And I want it, it’s number 1 on my list, and now Bob Osher, the President (of Digital Production at Sony Picture Entertainment), is like ‘Hey, let’s talk about Jack. Let’s see what we can do.’  And I go, ‘You’re going to do a 2D feature animated movie?’ and he’s like, ‘Yeah. Maybe. Let’s do some research and let’s see.’ So it’s not dead for sure by any means, and it’s still on the top of my list, and I’m trying as hard as I can.

Whoo! Let’s here it for 2D animated features! It’s been so long since there’s been a successful 2D animated movie. Not that I’m knocking 3D animation, it’s just I love all sorts of animation styles and would like to see more variety. Not everyone can be Pixar, y’know.

Anyway, back to Jack, I believe if we want to see a Samurai Jack flick any time soon we all need to show up for Hotel Transylvania. Gotta prove Tartakovsky’s a bankable director. If you’re not familiar with Jack – and why aren’t you! – here’s the show’s intro which sets up the basic premise and shows off Tartakovsky’s killer animation style,

Are you one of the faithful eagerly awaiting a Samurai Jack movie? Will you go pay for Hotel Transylvania to help make it a possibility?

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