Spoilers are something we’ve all had to contend with from time to time. Not seeing the latest blockbuster opening weekend? Don’t check Facebook ’cause your nephew will have likely given a plot point by plot point review in his status. Didn’t catch the season finale of your favorite TV show when it aired? Don’t go on Twitter, everyone you follow will have live-tweeted every moment. These are the realities of the world we live in where any information is ready at a moment’s notice. But what happened today with the climactic issue of the summer long, comic book event, Avengers vs X-Men is unprecedented. At least is my recent memory, and please, feel free to correct me.

Today saw the release of issue #11 of AvX and as expected, big, BIG things go down. Now, I haven’t been reading AvX but I’ve had a passing interest and even more so in fans’ reactions. It’s reminded me of how all us DC fans lost our shit during Flashpoint and the subsequent reboot. Anyway, since the book only hit shelves today you’d expect there to be a polite moratorium on discussing what the BIG event of AvX #11 was, right? WRONG! And you couldn’t be more wrong!

(I’d like to note I won’t be spoiling what happens in AvX #11, because I’m not a douchebag.)

I first read on Bleeding Cool that the New York Daily News spoiled the big news, which happens to be a character death, in a headline for an article that went live at 12am today. Yes, at midnight, meaning I’m pretty sure no one would have had the chance to read the book yet. Then again, maybe there’s little crossover between Marvel fans and diligent readers of the NYDN online, but still! It’s midnight and you’re already spoiling a comic book most fans won’t have the chance to read for another 10 hours! And believe it or not, it gets worse. Turns out this article was part of a “publicity agreement” with Marvel, meaning they officially sanctioned the spoilage. And just to pour salt on this spoilery wound the article comes with the pages of the comic where the death scene occurs. So yes, if you’d like to know what goes down in AvX #11 without buying the book by all means click on that NYDN link, they’ve got the WHOLE scoop.

And because, apparently, Marvel wanted EVERYONE to know what happened in AvX #11 before reading, I’ve been informed by reviewers who receive advanced copies of Marvel comics by email that this character’s death was spoiled for them in the email’s subject line. Really, Marvel!?! The subject line! You couldn’t even wait until they opened the email to unleash the news?

Like I mentioned above, I’m not reading AvX, but even I’m outraged at this blatant disrespect of readers who’d like to enjoy the story without having the climax ruined for them. I mean, is that really too much to ask? It’s not like this was a comic that’s been out for over a month and tough luck if you hadn’t read it yet. This book only came out today and now everyone knows what happens before even cracking the cover. And I’m disgusted to learn this didn’t come from some asshole trolls on the internet, but Marvel itself.

Do you think Marvel screwed up by revealing what happened in AvX #11? Or should we just get over it and realize such spoilers are a way of life, no warning required? Sound off in the comments!

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