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ABOVE: TARDIS liquor cabinet. Take a few shots, and I’m sure it will look “bigger on the inside” [TDWGeek]

A brilliant combination of two childhood memories, the Super Mario Hungry Hungry Hippos game.  While awesome, the only serious drawback to the game is that you don’t get to swallow down little Marios.  I guess the plumber didn’t have quite the right shape to roll around the board (not to mention that he’d probably just end up jumping off it mid-game). [ObviousWinner]

A certain Mr. Billy Trudel decided that the effeminate, cowardly C-3PO just wasn’t cutting the mustard.  So instead, he’s been spiced up a bit and turned into one of the baddest-asses this side of the Rebel Alliance.  Boba Fett?  Fk Boba Fett!  This geek masterpiece inked by Dave at Tatouage Monster Ink. [Geekologie]

OK, now this Venom cosplay is crazy good. That body paint is insane, though, the jaw is far too long. It also works because the model has the body of a god. Georgette from Devious Body Art gets a nerdy thumbs up for this one. [GAS]

Hate Han Solo?  Sick of his arrogant attitude and habit of not paying off his debts on time?  Well, now you can join the haters and put Han on ice whenever you want.  The Han Solo Deluxe Size Silicone (not carbonite) Ice Cube Tray lets you freeze that cocky bastard over and over again.  And while you wait for him to freeze again, you can enjoy a cold beverage, courtesy of his pain. [Nerdalicious]

If you’ve ever absolutely needed your own Portal gun, it is now available courtesy of Aperture Labs.  This semi-customizable device n [NerdApproved]

Cosplayer GeekySica dressed up as Vampirella. Perhaps, clothing wise, one of the easiest cosplays to pull off. But, you gotta have a rockin’ bod to sell it. GeekySic definatly does. I mean come on, DAT ASS!  [CBM]

To mark the 75th anniversary of the publication of The Hobbit, fans are gathering in small groups around the world for the traditional Hobbit meal of second breakfast. [Neatorama]

Speaking of LOTR, listen to J.R.R. Tolkien as he reads “Namárië,” an elvish poem that was first published in The Fellowship of the Ring, Book 2. Namárië is a reduced form of á na márië, which means “be well”, a formula usually used for greetings and for farewells among the elvish people. [GeeksAreSexy]

Yes, the turrets in Portal are built to kill you, but what do they do in their down time? BioWare designer Zachariah Scott showed us the softer side of the turrets in a series of short videos.  [NerdApproved]

Oh look, another Game of Thrones cover. Oh, who are we kidding. GOT covers never get old. This one was done exclusively with voice and a cello. [SlashFilm]

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