Why can’t I quit you ? ? ?

Don’t get upset by the picture above, Thor: The Dark World isn’t going to explore Thor’s Asgardian love for himself. That personal issue of the god of thunder has been all too well covered in the comics. Just put Thor and Herc in a room together with a couple of kegs and drink every time one of them brags or compliments themselves, you’ll most likely pass out from alcohol poisoning before the scene ends.

In the gallery below there are some new pictures of Thor (Chris Hemsworth) and Sif (Jaimie Alexander) battling Dark Elves if one would like to take an educated guess. There are a few changes in Thor’s armor from the suit worn in The Avengers, that’s to be expected. Nothing that really changes the style though, the outfit is just a little simpler, perhaps showing that Thor is growing out of his youthful, over-indulgent, selfish phase. Odin would be pleased.

We’ve also gotten our hands on some video showing the filming of a battle scene with some annoying talk over about Sif’s attractiveness and the movie scene. Try to ignore that nasal voice and enjoy the video, then check out the gallery of pictures below.

Thor: The Dark World hits theaters November 8th 2013.

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