Word is that Hasbro is focusing a lot of its energy on getting Transformers 4 out there in 2014. It doesn’t have a title beyond “Transformers 4” at the moment, and they even went out of their way to create this generic logo for it. A for effort, guys.

They’re going at this from a different angle, now, though, because while the third Transformers flick brought in lots of ticket sales, it wasn’t doing much for toy sales.  Apparently the reason for the lack of sales in that area is because no new robots were introduced in the last movie.  So Hasbro has decided, with the purest of intentions (heh), to bring new robots into a whole new storyline.  Yep.

Michael Bay is supposed to be coming back to direct the fourth film and to set things up for whichever future director comes on board, but this has yet to be confirmed.

Things are starting to seem a little desperate, in my opinion.  Or, at the very least, they’re not even pretending that money isn’t their priority.

Source: TFW2005, Bleeding Cool

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