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Sometimes fighting supernatural threats just needs a female touch, so why not have suit up occasional ghost buster and resident Ghostbuster‘s secretary Janine Melnitz to tackle the ghosts and goblins. Nothing sexier then a woman in uniform, right fellas? Judging by the boys reactions though they need to step up their game, otherwise they’ll be looking for a new job (again!) [Deviant Art]

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Bradwich McGinity crafted these sweet anatomy illustrations featuring cross-sections of the Predator, Xenomorph aliens, the aliens from Mars Attack and an adorable Mogwai. Thank you Bradwich, for giving us a new supply of nightmare fuel. [Obvious Winner]

Everyone knows that the tests in Portal can be bat shit tough for those of us who can’t do puzzles, but for Chell they didn’t start out so bad. Artist Sinobali decided to show us what the first test could have been, a simple chess game between man and machine. Methods in testing took a much more sinister after this so odds are GLaDOS got her mechanical butt whooped. [Dotcore]

The Jedi training sequence from Empire Strikes Back would have been way different if Yoda was zombie. Deviant artist MartyDMF put together this PG-13 piece of gore showing us just how different master the force would be with a rotting space alien on your back. Wait twenty years, we’ll probably see this scene when George Lucas brings out another Star Wars “Special Edition”. [Geek Tyrant]

Take the Amazing Spider-man, focus it on Gwen Stacy, kick out all those action sequences and you’ve got “Radioactive Love”, Ant Lucia‘s comic book answer to Twilight (not really). Taking the whole pin-up girl trend and mixing it with Marvel‘s young couple Lucia made something any teenage girl with a love of comics would want. Maybe the guys would too, but who wouldn’t want Spider-Man to enjoy a perk of being the hero. [Nerd Pride]

Pokemon, we’ve watched the shows, played the games, some of us still have the original trading cards from before everything went over 151. These pocket monsters always vary in size so artist Arvalis took it upon himself to give us an accurate size for a few of these super powered beasts. Arvalis has only done five of these right now so the hard part is over, that just leaves another 644 left to be sized and drawn. Good luck buddy. [Deviant Art]

Blending Star Wars with the child-like fun of Winnie the Pooh James Hance made a series perfect for an parent to introduce their kids to science fiction. Called ‘A Most Bold Adventure’ James perfectly translated Han Solo into a little youngster with a mini Chewbacca and R2-D2 Piglet. Even the AT-AT as the lovingly depressed Eeyore is perfect for the image. Might as well send James your money now. [Comics Alliance]

The Hulk is one tough son of a bitch in his own right, but even the strongest hero in the Marvel universe has some he look’s up to. Taking Popeye and tattooing him on your skin is pretty bad ass, but the bad thing is when he turns back into Bruce Banner the tattoo changes into Albert Einstein. [XombieDRIGE]

Uh oh, look’s like Batman fallen to the feminine charms of Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn – or he just has one too many of those poison kisses. Either way it’ll look like Gotham City is going to be taking a break from the crimes tonight. Hell, just look at Harley, she might have just found out what Batman’s been hiding under all that Kevlar and body armor. [Geek Tyrant]

Poor Gollum, he finally gets the ring in his possession after all those years only to fall into the very lava that destroys it. So Nino-Candeias decided to drawn him at his final moment, in all his naked glory, cheering as he and the ring burn away. We have seen the uncensored the image ourselves and chosen to censor the image here on the site. It’s not because we feel seeing Gollum’s real “precious” would be rude, it’s that we just don’t want scar the J. R. R. Tolkien fans for life by showing off tiny Stoor Hobbit wang. [Deviant Art]

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