The 300 sequel/prequel/spin-off is so far six years in the making.  This time around the story will be following Xerxes.  That’s the big guy in the golden underwear in the first film, for those that might have missed him.  But despite many years and a production schedule that seems to be on track (at least for now), they still can’t seem to settle on a title for the film.

Finally, the officials have cast their vote and it looks like the title will be 300: Rise of an Empire.  The film has gone through many incarnations thus far, from Xerxes to 300: Battle of Artemisia to 300: The Battle of Artemisium.

Marketing-wise, it’s a good idea to keep that ‘300’ sitting at the front, lest people forget where the movie started.  This way, casual fans of the original can say “Oh yeah, that’s the 300 movie with the guys in the leather underpants fighting in slow motion!” and will thus be enticed to buy a ticket for the sequel…er, prequel… whatever.

The new film is supposed to take place at roughly the same time, historically, as the first, detailing another battle in the Persian invasion of Greece.  Unfortunately, there will be no Zack Snyder directing this time around.  He’s a busy boy, so the studio picked up Noam Murro to take over.  In addition, Rodrigo Santoro will be back in the gold panties to reprise Xerxes, with Eva Green and Sullivan Stapleton being added to the cast.

The current release date for 300: Rise of an Empire is set for August 2nd, 2013, so expect another avalanche of blood, swords and boobies next summer.


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