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Above: There are Lara Croft cosplayers then there’s Jenn Croft. A lifelong Tomb Raider fan, Croft has 12 different Lara Croft costumes and is currently remaking the classic outfit. Here you can see her modelling what I believe is the current outfit from the upcoming game. Geek Tyrant has a whole gallery of photography from Adam Jay you should definitely check out. They’re fantastic, no cheesecake, just seriously sexy.

Wow. So, how badly do you want this Assassin’s Creed jacket because I think I’m ready to carry out an assassination of my own to get my hands on one. Thankfully, you don’t have to kill in order to get it. This sweet jacket can be yours for $320 from Volante Design. (Kotaku)

That’s right, Power Loader Barbie. Never fear a xenomorph attack on your dream house again with this Aliens-inspired accessory! Created by Mario Caicedo Langer see more pics at io9.

Google has added the function to search any actor by their Bacon number, providing, yes, their degrees of separation from Kevin Bacon. But I’ll tell ya, this game isn’t nearly has fun as it used to be. I searching actors like Mark Hamill to Olivia Munn to Billy West to Ralph Fiennes and I kept getting 2! Not until I searched Elijah Wood did I get a different number, 1. Still! The man has been in too many things. The highest number I got was 3 with W.C. Fields.

It’s Mario vs Pac-Man in this hilarious .gif. Honestly, I laughed so hard at the ending. (TDW: Geek)


Well this is adorably badass. A dad added some visual effects to video of his daughter to turn her into the Avatar! She exhibits early signs of all the forms of bending! (TDW)

Gangnam Style has completely taken over the web. It’s everywhere, everyone’s doing it, and it’s only a matter of time before the Gangnam dies. But until then, it’s being used for the weirdest reason, like a wedding. (TDW)

Not to be outdone, Deadpool does Gangnam Style. (Kotaku)

Speaking of memes, here’s a compilation of the origins of many of the most famous. (Laughing Squid)


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