October 14th is just around the corner and the wait for the season three premiere of AMC and Robert Kirkman‘s The Walking Dead is quickly shrinking while the production team is cranking up the marketing storm to remind viewers to tune in.

There’s lots happening after the season two finale basically burned down the farm, slaughtered characters left and right, split up the group and put them on the run. Now we get to see if Rick can pull them all together to create some safety for the group while Michonne and Andrea try to survive alone. Season three’s tag line is:

Fight the Dead. Fear the Living.

This is going to be a full season of fun and surprises. There are new characters, returning characters, and with Robert Kirkman, one never knows which way the shit will fly once it hits the fan.

Check out the trailer below and let us know what you are excited about seeing in the third season of The Walking Dead in the comments section below.

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