Well now, for a TV show I had cynically dismissed upon first hearing about it, CW’s Arrow is really working hard to earn some nerdcred. Zap2it is reporting that Kyle Schmid (Being Human) will appear as Ace, with the rest of the Royal Flush Gang in tow. The playing card theme baddies have long been mid-level criminals in the DCU and will make their first non-animated small screen debut in episode six of the upcoming TV show about the emerald archer.  No word yet Schmid’s Ace will be an android like the character was in the comics.

Now, if you have been keeping track, CW’s Arrow already has a long list comic book characters planned. I don’t want to jinx it, but could it be that DC and the CW just might be about to do comic books on the small screen right? Not to harp on the past, but Smallville‘s ‘no tights, no flights’ rule was the main reason I avoided the show. By the looks of things Arrow isn’t shying away from it’s source material to much.

Arrow premieres on Wednesday, October 10th.

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