Fraggles and Piano Rock

As a possessor of somewhat odd tastes I rarely get to experience multiple things I like all at once. There is no baseball video game with a Tom Waits soundtrack and time travel puzzle solving, and rarely does porn include a healthy dose of 90s style sketch comedy or Aaron Sorkin written dialogue. Here though, below these meager words, lives a collection of assembled cool shit. A joyfulness jambalaya for me and those who dig what I dig.

Behold, Fraggles, The Ben Folds Five, a cute girl (Anna Kendrick), Nerdist, and Rob Corddry — all brought together for the Ben Folds Five video “Do it Anyway”. The cake icing? No Gorgs, man I hate Gorgs.

There, now wasn’t that amazing? It kinda reminded me of that old Weezer video for “Keep Fishing”* that had a horde of Muppets in it. Sadly, Weezer began sucking h-h-hard after the “Green Album” (or maybe during it), so here’s hoping Folds, Darren Jessee, and Robert Sledge don’t fall victim to the felt curse as well.

For those of you who are not quite sure what you just watched, here is a link to the Wiki definition of what a music video is. If you don’t know what Fraggles are, there is no help for you.

*I wrongly said the Weezer video was Island in the Sun. I was totally right about Weezer sucking now though. 

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