The Walking Dead returns to AMC on October 14th which means prepare for promotional onslaught! To begin with we ‘ve got these stunning, up close and personal portraits from the Huffington Post,


I’m so excited for people to meet Michonne. What’ll be weird, as well as interesting, is meeting Michonne through her interactions with Andrea and the Governor – whom Entertainment Weekly has some new shots of you can see below – as opposed to joining the group at the prison. In fact the whole switch up of having Andrea and Michonne separated from the group and set up in Woodbury in the first place is gonna be weird. But I’m excited to see what they do with this twist.

Danai Gurira , Laurie Holden, and David Morrissey, the actors responsible for Michonne, Andrea, and the Governor, also spoke to EW about their characters in Season 3.

Gurira: For Michonne, it’s the first time she has opened up since her trauma happened, which occurred at the beginning of the apocalypse. So Andrea is the first person she’s really been able to open up to, to love, to care for, take care of. I think there’s a lot of yearning in her humanity to be able to do that with somebody. And she’s found the person for her.

Holden: She asked a lot of questions at first and she was a bit wary, but the Governor is very seductive — in a calm, loving sense. If you look around, everybody seems happy; there are children playing ball with dogs, and pregnant women walking around happier than clams, and there are cellos in the street being set up for the blues band. It’s pretty idyllic.

Morrissey: People in the world that we inhabit need structure, they need to feel safe, and he provides that. And I think any leader of any community has to earn trust. And the idea of power is a really interesting idea of how people keep their power in a community. They keep it in all different ways. They can keep it by being generous, by facilitating your good life by giving you gifts. But they can also take those gifts away, they can be intimidating. They can be powerful, they can protect you from the enemy, whether that protection is just a fight or not, or whether they create the feeling of paranoia in order to suppress it. That is a great game that politicians and power-hungry people do. I think he does all those things. The world that has been created plays into his hands.

What are you most excited for this season?

Source: MTV’s Splash Page, The Mary Sue

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