Wow, Marvel. Wow. This is becoming a little ridiculous, and at this point kind of hilarious. After last week’s brouhaha over Marvel being the perpetrators behind some pretty spectacular spoilage, they go and spoil another comic a WHOLE DAY before it comes out! I mean, wow. I realize you want to grab new readers with these headline worthy stories, but can it really not wait at least 24 hrs after the book’s released? Come on, at least give some fans a chance to read it in the comic itself and not in a headline from The Washington Post.

Though I’ll give them this one doesn’t have the same dramatic punch last week’s big reveal had, this one is pretty dumb. As in, “is this really happening in 2012” dumb.

Hit the jump to find out, but please, only if you had no intention of reading Ultimate Comics Ultimates #15 – and, wow, that’s a real title of a real comic being printed today!?

Seriously, if you’re planning to buy the book why spoil it now? That’s just wasting $4 bucks. And everyone else, don’t be a dick. Unlike most mainstream media that get wind of this story or are encouraged by Marvel, share with a clear and obvious SPOILER WARNING!

All right, I hope you’re only here because you think Ultimate Comics Ultimates is probably the dumbest in name in comics today and you can only imagine such a dumb sounding  comic would have a pretty dumb big reveal. And you would be right.

Captain America was elected President of the United States.

I know, the words escape me, too. And we were giving shit to DC for being boring and predictable by having Superman and Wonder Woman hook up. Captain AMERICA is now the President of AMERICA. And you can read all about in The Washington Post. I’m done here.

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