While fans are still ranting and reeling from their first look at Jose Padiha’s Robocop reboot armor, some new pictures have hit the Internet to give us all a look at Robocop’s new ride.

We also get to see what Robocop (Joel Kinnaman) wears when he gets out of the shower, a stylish black bathrobe. There’s no use trying to hide that armor on set, fans have already seen it online and many have already made up their minds about the film because of it. Can the Robocop production team win those much needed fans back?  Padilha and his team will have an uphill battle to recapture fans whose reactions to a couple of pictures of an unfinished (CGI to add?) armor have been anything but positive.

On the brighter side of the Robocop production we get a look at Abiie Cornish, who plays Alex Murphy’s wife in the reboot. The police cruiser and motorcycles also throw a small ray of sunshine on the film after the armor debut debacle. That patrol car looks fantastic and is that Robocop on one of those motorcycles?

What do you think, can fans be brought back to the franchise after the whole armor mess? Many fans who say they won’t go see the movie will buckle once the movie comes out and slink to the theater to see the movie. They just won’t post about it on Facebook after.

Source: Just Jared

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