While it’s far from an official confirmation and should be firmly filed in the rumor file, we can take a head nod from Patrick Stewart as a potential indicator that he may be reprising his role as Professor Xavier in another X-Men movie.

Stewart, who apparently uses an iPhone and is BFFs with William Shatner, walked into the Apple Store where Pete LePage, of Nerdist’s Comic Book Club podcast,  works and after a little bit of geeking out and swooning over Stewart’s velvety voice, LaPage blurted out “So, uh, another X-Men movie?” Presumably, so as not to break any confidentiality agreements, Stewart merely nodded in the affirmative. Now, again, that isn’t an official confirmation — it’s not like he said “We’re going to make it so”, but it’s still pretty damn cool.

Stewart didn’t hint on which X-Men movie, but it’s likely he’s referring to X-Men: Days of Future Past, the sequel to X-Men: First Class. Of course, there could always be some super-secret project he knows about that we don’t. Either way, we’re just stoked at the chance that we might have him back in the role of Professor X.

You can listen to LePage tell his awesomely cool tale of meeting Sir Patrick at the beginning of the Comic Book Club podcast here.

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