There’s a new clip from DC Entertainment/Warner Bros. for the animated film Batman: The Dark Knight Returns – Part 1. It’s an extended clip from the animated movie’s trailer that features classic Frank Miller dialogue,  “He’s young, he’ll walk again.”

Peter Weller is the voice of Batman/Bruce Wayne, David Selby as Commissioner Gordon, Ariel Winter as Robin, Wade Williams as Two-Face, and Michael McKean as Dr. Bartholomew Wolper.

I’m still hoping this will turn out great. I have my doubts though, Weller’s emotionless voice acting (Under-Wellering is what I am gonna call it) is just not ringing true for this Nerd Bastard. The Dark Knight Returns features a “pissed off old man” Batman and I haven’t heard it in any of Weller’s work up to this point. Far from it, I feel like Weller is just reading the lines and not truly getting into the Batman Returns character.

There is a hint of it in the clip below, but I don’t want a hint. I want to be hit over the head with it repeatedly. Remember, this is a Batman who has sat on the sidelines watching things go to hell and stewing in his own helplessness for the last ten years. Batman is not someone who likes sitting on the sidelines.

What do you think, am I full of it, out in left field, missing something, dazed and confused? Let me know what you think about what you’ve seen so far in the comments below.

The DVD/Blu-ray for Batman: The Dark Knight Returns Part One will be released on on September 25th with part two planned for an early 2013 release date.

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