Super heroes are all the rage and those in the production studios are making some serious bank from this newfound popularity.  The question arises, however, of whether those creative minds who first brought these characters to life are getting enough credit for all their hard work.  Do the imaginations behind the properties receive as much praise or recognition as the ones who are adapting their works to film?

Kevin Feige, mastermind behind Marvel Studios, decided to put his two cents in during a recent interview with MovieFone:

I will say that [Marvel Publisher] Joe Quesada and [CCO] Dan Buckley will take the lead on a lot of that and they are actually quite, quite good in acknowledging and letting us know as we share the scripts and character lists with them [by saying]:Here are the creators of this. Here is where they are. Here is who they are, and figuring out what we can do in terms of recognition. If you look at the special credits sections of all the Marvel Studios movies, you’ll see lots and lots of names, probably half a dozen or so, that apply to even the small characters, much smaller than Rocket, that are included in the movie. In terms of [Jack] Kirby, I always thought of the Thor movie as one of the biggest testaments to what Kirby did because at every turn with the production design, we wanted to embrace it. The helmet design, those horns on Loki. ‘Do you really want those to be that big?’ ‘It’s gotta be that big.’ I love that stuff, it’s tremendous.

It’s all nice that they’re sticking to the original visions of the characters (well, sometimes anyways…).  Plus, the creators get a credit at the end of the film, despite the fact that almost no one sees it.  But how about giving them a boatload of cash as thanks?  Nah, that’s not gonna happen.

What do the Nerdreaders think?  If you didn’t know who created a character like Thor, do you think that lack of knowledge would change in any way after watching the Thor movie?


Thanks to blastr for the heads-up.

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