Seth McFarlane To Create Sitcom With Real People

He might not be able to find the live microphone when presenting at the Emmys, but Fox executives still have enough confidence in Seth MacFarlane (Family Guy, The Cleveland Show) to place a pilot order (with series penalty commitment) for a LIVE-ACTION comedy.

MacFarlane, along with the writers of Ted (Alec Sulkin and Wellesley Wild) will be the creative forces behind the untitled sitcom as well as executive producing. The core idea behind the show is:

“Two successful guys in their 30s and the insanity that ensues after their crazy fathers unexpectedly move in with them.”

Wait, didn’t Adam Sandler just do a movie along those same lines or is this just a flip around of Sh@t My Dad Says? Considering MacFarlane’s well known twisted sense of humor and the raunchiness of the comedy in the movie Ted, one can easily see this series pushing the censor’s limits to the breaking point.

This would be the first live action show for MacFarlane since The Winner in 2007. Yeah, I didn’t know what the hell that show was either so I looked it up.

“A successful guy looks back to the time he spent living with his parents when he was in his thirties.”

Sounds kinda familiar doesn’t it? I can almost imagine the brainstorming meeting that took place . . .

We gotta come up with a sitcom for Fox . . .

Well, you did that “Winner” show a couple of years ago . . .

Yeah, but maybe this time we turn the whole thing around . . .

Have the parents come stay with the kid ? ? ?

That’s comedic genius ! ! !

Meeting adjourned, bring in the hookers and blow!

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