Fans have been clamoring to see Edgar Wright‘s Ant-Man test footage that was shown at this years Comic Con ever since the word got out about the screening. We were told by Marvel exec Victoria Alonso that we’d get a look at a more polished version of the test footage soon.

That wasn’t enough for the Ant-Man fan and artist known as Samurai Jack on Deviant Art . He was present at the screening and decided to help a brother fan out by recreating from memory the footage in storyboard form. Then YouTube user Shartimus Prime stepped up and turned those story boards into an animated version of the footage that everyone wants to see.

It’s not the real thing, but it might help many of you out there get the gist of Wright’s ideas on the character. Would an Ant-Man movie get you to the theater or is there another Marvel Character that you would rather see first?

Via: CinemaBlend

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