Bringing those incredible action movies we all love to life is no easy task, especially for the actors and their stunt stand-ins who recreate insane and dangerous scenes for our viewing pleasure. Over the year’s we’ve all read tragic stores of a stuntman losing his life while one set or actors injuring themselves when they push too far, and today’s story is no different, but thankfully the injured party is reportedly one the mend.

Jaimie Alexander has been on set in London filming for Thor: The Dark World where she plays the Asgardian warrior, Sif. On Monday she sent out this tweet which had everyone pretty worried,

There’s been no explanation about what the “pretty horrible injury” was, but Alexander tweeted out on Tuesday that all was well,

Well, that’s a relief! We here at Nerd Bastards are hoping Alexander recovers quickly, we need her at her fighting best to help Thor defend Midgard, Asgard, and whatever other realms are being threatened in the upcoming sequel.

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