This Saturday we say goodbye to The Ponds and we’re all expecting a tearful goodbye, and the BBC won’t let us to forget it! I know I’ll be broken up when I watch Karen Gillan and Arthur Darvill exit the TARDIS for the last time – however that comes to be – but even I’ll admit they really are laying it on thick with this new video. It’s a compilation of short interviews with them, Matt Smith, Caro Skinner, and Steven Moffat about the upcoming mid-season finale, “The Angels Take Manhattan.”

I wouldn’t consider any of this too spoilery, unless you’re shocked to hear The Ponds are leaving and that Moffat’s a mean man who finds pleasure in frightening and scarring young children! Okay, he’s not that malicious, but he does admit this episode was so sad it even made his son, who apparently never sheds a tear at TV, cry a little.

Really, Beeb? Did we need the slow pan of still photos coupled with the sad music?

Do you think you’ll let a few salty tears leak out when The Ponds say goodbye this weekend? Doctor Who airs this Saturday on BBC, BBC America, and Space.

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