Christmas is coming, and with it the rush of movie studios to release all their blockbuster summer films to the Blu-ray, DVD and digital download market.  Along with being able to get the normal, cheaper versions of these movies, people have the option of spending a handful of cash to get the mega-super, special, limited, happy fun-time editions that have all the extra crap on them.  The Dark Knight Rises is no exception to this rule with their “broken cowl” version of the film.

Some of the features one should expect to find on the limited edition include:

  • “The Journey of Bruce Wayne” featurette
  • A Batmobile documentary
  • “Ending the Knight” – a collection of featurettes detailing Nolan and the crew making the film
  • Collections of trailers
  • Galleries of Dark Knight art

So if you’re one of those people who absolutely needs all the extras (or are willing to spend the extra cash for a present), look for The Dark Knight Rises “broken cowl” edition to be available come December 4th.


Thanks to comingsoon for the heads-up.

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