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The Shining is one of Stephen King‘s greatest spine chilling thrillers, which was later adapted into a spine chilling motion picture by  Stanley Kubrick.  Now, if you let Marco D’alfonso throw Deadpool in the mix, you’ll have the greatest comedy of the 1980s. No matter how dark and scary Kubrick would have tried to make the movie, Deadpool would have wasted the $19 million budget on rubber chickens and kool-aid. [Comics Alliance]

Hit the jump for Poison Ivy trapping Batman, Community paintball and MOAR!

Poor Batman, under the mind control of Poison Ivy and being forced to listen to misquoted Beatles lyrics. Even if Otto Schmidt decided to put Batman between some vines and a tough place, you know the Bat has some sort of amazing plan to get out somehow. Thank God this isn’t Robin; the poor sidekick would have almost certainly suffocated by now. [Geek Tyrant]

We’ve seen dozens of Avengers related images, but the is by far the weirdest and coolest one of the bunch. These Tim Burton inspired Avengers were crafted by La Chapeliere Folle and are as odd as the style that inspired them in the first place, but you have to love the looks. Just look at Bruce Banner, the Hulk behind him is something made of your nightmares. [Geeks Are Sexy]

Easy Beaker, easy, it was all in the name of science – and watching your assistant crumble to dust like a fraking vampire. Chances are Dr. Bunsen Honeydew‘s license to practice was revoked decades ago, but that hasn’t stopped Skottie Young from letting him pull another twisted science experiment. At least Beaker is a Muppet; that’s like having immortality in Jim Henson‘s world. [Skottie Young]

This must be what kindergarten is like in the Marvel universe: everything is associated with a hero and going to school is the perfect chance to show off the newest Avengers clothing. Bobby Rubio makes learning your ABCs fun and actually enjoyable. [Comics Alliance]

Who needs the force to fight against Lord Vader when you can use pure brute strength to rip an arm off a body? This might look like a simple Star Wars lightsaber duel, but Tyler Edlinart makes it look like all hell is about to come loose. Here’s a hint, Vader: Just let the Wookiee win. [Geek Tyrant]

She may be the first “Mother of Marvel”, but a round with Rockin’ Jelly Bean and Sue Storm just became the fantastic one in the Fantastic Four. This must be the real reason Doctor Doom has been jealous of Reed Richards for all these years: he couldn’t stand the action Reed’s been getting. [rairaikenken424]

Faith Hicks crafted this loving tribute to Community‘s “Modern Warfare” episode showing off Jeff Winger and the rest of the Greendale Seven rocking their badass paintball action gear. Take a friendly game of school-wide paintball, give the winner the right to priority registration in the new year and you have the single best episode of Dan Harmon’s first season. [Deviant Art]

Batman is one of the toughest heroes of the DC universe, but how would he fair against the near unstoppable might of Marvel’s gamma powered Hulk. Surely it would be a blood bath, but Marvel comic book artist Mike Deodato decided to take it upon himself to create the moment when all hell breaks loose on the field. This would be a crossover that DC and Marvel could both get behind. [Mike Deodato Jr.]

Well… that was unexpected. A strange world where the Disney villains actually win at the end of our most beloved children’s films. Justin-mctwisp took these terrible women and witches and gave them the happily ever after they were looking for all along, from Cruella deVille getting her coat made of puppies to Maleficent beating out those three little magical old ladies. These must be the alternate endings Walt Disney warned us about. [The Mary Sue]

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