Sexy Cosplay of the Week: Aigue-Marine

- 09-28-12Cosplay, Featured Posted by NickBungay

It’s Sexy Cosplay of the Week time and this time we venture off to Germany and meet the amazing Aigue-Marine.

She is a student of Advertising and Market Communication who hand crafts every part of her costumes and also a lively little spitfire that has the know how to make anything look good. Just look at her  photos and you’ll agree she has a wonderful quality about her, A lovable mixture of Alison Brie and Doctor Who‘s Amy Pond if you will.

Constantly building new costumes in her spare the time, Aigue-Marine has done some outstanding cosplays. From the personification of  Hungary from Hetalia: Axis Powers anime,  to Game of Thrones’ Daenerys Targaryen to DC Comics Catwoman and former Robin Stephanie Brown. Aigue-Marine is a super talented cosplayer who always has a great time, it’s contagious.

Check out Aigue-Marine’s Deviant Art,, Facebook or Animexx for more.

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