Famke Janssen Teases Return of The Phoenix

We’ve already heard Sir Patrick Stewart being coy about his return to the X-Men franchise and now Jean Grey, The Phoenix, or Famke Janssen as she’s professionally known is also teasing a return.

The First Class sequel, X-Men: Days of Future Past will likely involve a future timeline where we’ll see the characters as their older selves, what’s unclear is if actors from the previous X-Men films would reprise those roles. For instance Stewart again as Xavier, Ian McKellen as Magneto, and possible Janssen as Jean Grey, as she told MTV News,

One never knows, Jean Grey, the Phoenix…she finds a way to reincarnate herself constantly, so one never knows.

She did make it clear she’s, “in no position to say anything,” but that we should, “Stay tuned.” Even with this cryptic talk I don’ find her return as plausible as Stewart’s. What do you think?

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