‘Arrow’ Update: First Look At Deadshot

We’ve got a first look at the latest villain in CW‘s Arrow. Deadshot is a longtime Batman villain (Created by Bob Kane, David Reid, and Lew Schwartz in 1950) that later exploded in popularity in the comic pages of Suicide Squad and The Secret Six.

This version of Deadshot is closer to the comic book version than the Smallville take, pictured below. Really, that guy looks like a cowboy-hobo-drifter looking for Gilly’s bar in Urban Cowboy.

Enough lamenting about that Smallville appearance, let’s take a look at Arrow‘s take on a favorite villain of mine,

What do you think? We’ll probably get some better full suit pictures, but I like the way Deadshot is looking in these. Deadshot is a good villain for Arrow, not too outlandish and very possible in the world we live in.

Are you gonna tune in when Arrow hits the small screen on October 10th?

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