From the beginning of the end, when it was announced The Doctor’s longest traveling companions – of the reboot anyhow – Amy Pond (Karen Gillan) and Rory Williams (Arthur Darvill) we’re leaving showrunner Steven Moffat promised it would be heart-breaking. And heart-breaking it was, though maybe not how we expected it to be.

Clearly, this post will contain mad, MAD SPOILERS for Doctor WhoThe Angels Take Manhattan.” Proceed with caution.

But, rule number one of Moffat-era Doctor Who is: The Moff lies. So when he told us to prepare for the worst, we over prepared. At least I know I did, so once the goodbye came I cried and was sad, but I didn’t lose my mind with grief.

As it turns out the ending could have been as terrible as our worst nightmares. Apparently, Moffat couldn’t decide just how he wanted to send off his beloved Ponds. One day the script ended tragically, the next it would be sad but hopeful. Obviously – and thankfully – he went with the more hopeful ending that had Amy and Rory zapped back in time by Weeping Angels to live out their long lives together, though without The Doctor.

Moffat shared with the Radio Times how he debated over and over just how to write their fond farewell,

So many times over those mad few days [of finishing the script], the fate of the Ponds changed. Alive, dead, alive, dead. Everything was wrong. Nothing felt right. Nothing felt inevitable.

…About four o’clock in the morning – with the gaspingly late script promised to the production team in a few hours – I remembered ‘The Eleventh Hour’… and the single moment we’ve been heading for, since the very beginning.

What did you think of the Ponds’ sendoff? Did you shed any tears? Don’t worry, I won’t tell anyone. Would you have preferred one or both Amy and Rory to get the axe?

If you haven’t seen it yet BBC has a wonderful video titled, “The Last Days of the Ponds,” which, if you didn’t cry at the episode you’ll cry here.

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