Doctor Who may be over until the Christmas special and the second half of Series 7 returns next year, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t Who news to report! First, did you hear about MorrisonCon? The convention last weekend in Las Vegas that celebrated all things Grant Morrison? Yeah, it happened, and while there Morrison dropped a few interesting comments about how he’d like to write a Doctor Who episode. Yes, apparently writing an episode of Doctor Who is the “thing” all your favorite writers want to do. And why not!? The Whovian fanbase is massive, who wouldn’t want a piece of this pie?

Anyway, during a panel about, “the filthy backdoor romance between comic books and movies,” moderated by porn actress and sex columnist Ryan Keely – I shit you not – the panelists (Chronicle screenwriter Max Landis, “Happy!” artist Darick Robinson, Morrison, and Guardians Of The Galaxy director James Gunn) were asked about what television they’re currently watching. Morrison responded, “Doctor Who.” And I can only imagine the roar from the crowd was deafening.

Here’s how Comic Book Resources reports it,

“[Steven] Moffat had been getting a lot of tweets from people who were saying, ‘You should have Grant write “Doctor Who,”‘ and I’d really love to write ‘Doctor Who,'” Grant said, adding that a friend of his who had worked with writer Mark Gatiss and Moffat pitched the idea to them and reported they wanted to hear from Morrison.

“We tried it four or five times, and he never wrote back,” Morrison said, adding that he had heard from those working on the related animated show that they were given Morrison’s ’80s “Doctor Who” comics for reference.

Landis then led the audience in a mass tweeting of Mark Gatiss under the hashtag of #letgrantmorrisonwritedrwho.

No word on Gatiss’ response. But what would you say to Morrison writing an episode of Who? The only better fusion of nerd idols I could imagine is if Peter Jackson expressed interest in working on Who. Wait a minute…

Speaking of Jackson, it’s clear he’s extremely fond of New Zealand and would be pumped if Who decided to film an episode. Who producer Caro Skinner even expressed their interest, though admitted it might be too costly. But now Australia is throwing their hat in the ring to host the Doctor Who cast and crew for an episode shoot.

Federal MP George Christiansen has launched an official campaign to bring the BBC show “down under” to shoot on location. Christiansen spoke to News Ltd, via Herald Sun, saying,

As an avid Dr Who fan, I would love to see the TARDIS materialise in Australia and, most importantly, it would be a tremendous boost to tourism in Bowen and the Whitsundays, as well as to the local economy.

Please note, the incorrect spelling of “Dr Who” is theirs, not mine. I’d never.

Whitsunday Islands is where he’s proposed as the ideal shooting location. He also has plans to send TARDIS cards to Australian celebs seeking their support. This dude is serious. But what do you think of Doctor Who shooting an episode in Australia or New Zealand? I think it only speaks to the show’s ever growing popularity that so many high profile people and places are clamoring to be a part of Doctor Who. I wonder if it’s all 50th anniversary fever?

Lastly, this review of a Doctor Who toy, the Q.L.A. Anti-Time Device, by Mitch of Conehead Productions may have revealed some hints about upcoming Who. Or it’s just a crazy cool toy with no connection to the show’s future whatsoever. You decide! If you’re not too wary of potential spoilers, check out the video below,

I only watched as far as the reading of the toy’s description on the back of the box, but if we do eventually see it in the series I can see how it’ll be one incredibly powerful weapon. Maybe too powerful to for TV. What d’ya think?

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