Paramount Buys a ‘Vessel’ for Sci-Fi/Horror

Paramount Pictures has just picked up the rights to Clark Baker‘s short film Vessel, which is described as a combination of Alien, The Thing and Close Encounters of the Third Kind. Now don’t that rather generic mish-mash turn you off because if you haven’t seen it already, the short film is really worth seeing. Scope it out via You Tube below:

Intrigued? I think there’s a bit of Millennium in their too, not the Lance Henrickson TV show, but the Kris Kristopherson movie of the same name. Maybe you can find it on Netflix. Anyway the above result, funded generously by investors via Kickstarter, shows that Baker has the skill and vision to make something interesting, and make it look good on a budget.

Stephen Susco, who wrote the American version of The Grudge, is currently penning the feature length screenplay, which will surely expand on the short’s alien invasion on a plane and skyjacking of the passengers plot line.

What do you Bastards think? Will you see the feature-length Vessel when/if it comes out?

Source: Geek Tyrant

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