Joss Whedon‘s The Avengers made a billion+ dollars at the box office (internationally and domestic), so one would assume the DVD and Blu-ray release would yield good results. And well, that assumption would be correct. The Avengers is dominating the home viewing market. It actually broke DVD and Blu-ray sales charts!

Reported by Home Media Magazine, the flick has topped the Nielsen VideoScan First Alert chart, which tracks overall disc sales, and the Blu-ray specific sales chart. The other films of Marvel‘s Phase One have also been rising in the Nielsen charts. Thor moved up to #8, Captain America: The First Avenger to #13, Iron Man 2 to #14, The Incredible Hulk is at #19, and Iron Man at #23. On the Blu-ray chart all five pictures are in the Top 20.

The report continues with 72% of The Avengers‘ sales coming from Blu-ray, which is a record high for a film released on both DVD and Blu-ray. And apparently 23% of those buying The Avengers paid the extra bucks for the 3D version.

I bought The Avengers on its release date at Best Buy. When I had went looking for it, I discovered the shelf  empty. A blue-shirt walking by said, “Yeah…they’ve been flying off the shelf. I’ve been restocking it every 10 minutes.” I suspected The Avengers would do well, but not this well.

Have you picked up The Avengers yet? If so, what format? And did you nab it the day it released?

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