You could feel nerdom explode last night when J.J. Abrams told TV host Conan O’Brien that he had brought with him a clip from his upcoming film, Star Trek: Into Darkness. The notoriously secretive filmmaker has been keeping a tight lid on the film, which completed shooting this past summer and is now in post-production. Aside from a paused frame of a masked Klingon and a couple of spy shots there is absolutely nothing substantive in way of details about Abrams’ latest Trek.

And that’s more or less remained unchanged even now.

Yes, Abrams said, the studio’s caveat for bringing a clip to Conan is that it had to be three frames long. As such it reveals absolutely zero about the plot of the film, except that at some point things get very hot for Spock. “This is a scene where Spock…for reasons that you’ll have to see the film to understand, is in a volcano in this crazy suit, and he’s in this volcano and this is the scene,” explained Abrams setting up the clip.

“I still believe that people are going to maybe freeze-frame this on their computer and study it and dissect it,” replied Conan.

So if you are interested in freeze framing it, the frames are unveiled somewhere in the 1:50 range.

Source: Hit Fix

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