The next James Bond flick hits theatres on November 9th and will hopefully ease the painful memories left over from Quantum of Solace. Oh, who am I kidding, I don’t remember anything from that movie. But Skyfall looks really damn good. A return to the Bond of old they say. So much so Adele‘s theme is being celebrated for harkening back to classic themes like Shirley Bassey’s “Goldfinger.” While the theme leaked earlier this week the official song is now available.

Here’s the first video released by Adele’s YouTube channel, with lyrics provided, so – I guess it’s a sing-a-long version. Have at it!

But more importantly than our first official listen to Adele’s Skyfall theme is this first clip from Skyfall. Daniel Craig is breath-takingly badass. Just … just watch,

I think everyone agrees Bond adjusting his cuffs after landing in the train was one of the best moments of the trailer, seeing how that all comes together is even better. Excellent choice of first clip to share. It only makes me more excited for the oncoming, Skyfall promotional blitz.

Source: Cinema Blend

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