At this year’s San Diego Comic-con, fans of Robert Kirkman‘s The Walking Dead were part of an experience like no other. In celebration of the comic’s 100th issue of blood splattering gore, San Diego’s Petco Park – or at least a portion of it – was transformed into a full out zombie obstacle course.

This experience, the Walking Dead Experience, gave everyone a chance to be a survivor, a walker, or if you knew you’d be zombie chow, you could be a spectator. Nerd Bastards’ own Dev Richards was heroic, testing her skills (which you can read about here) on the course dodging walkers and fellow contestants. Thankfully, nobody was shot in the leg and left for bait (though Dev did shave her head in the days following) and the event was a success, but after SDCC it disappeared.

Now, on Saturday October 27th Philadelphia, Pennsylvania’s Wells Fargo Center Complex will be host to The Walking Dead: Escape. Here’s the first look at all the details: 

The virus has spread. We urge you to warn your East Coast friends of the uncertainty, chaos and terror that lies ahead. The quickest will offer their training tips. The brightest will share their strategy plans. The boldest will journey back to the undead-zone and fight as a team in the SURVIVOR SHOWDOWN for the chance to win $2,500. How will you leave your mark on the Philly Apocalypse? THE CHOICE IS YOURS

Do you think you have what it takes to outlast your fellow survivors? Then register now, because on the 26th from 6pm to 12am it’s your chance to win some cold hard cash – or register to be a cold heartless walker instead if your willing. Best of luck to everyone though, your going to need it.

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