It’s tough for me to find fault with The Avengers, I loved every minute, but if I try it would be in their lack of female characters. Though, it’s not like we saw an abundance of women superheroes in any other movie this summer, so this isn’t something isolated only to The Avengers. But whenever I watched the “assemble” moment near the last third of the film, y’know, when the camera spins around capturing the group finally together and ready to kick ass, I have a little sad at there being only one chick.

Well guess what? If this latest, completely unfounded, possibly, totally untrue rumor becomes true, we could see TWO ladies on the Avengers. Aw yeah. Progress.

Our source is the U.K.’s  Daily Mail, and right there you can see its credibility dip, who recently reported,

British actresses Emily Blunt and Ruth Wilson are head-to-head in a race for the most sought-after new female role in Hollywood. Emily, star of The  Young Victoria, and Ruth, from TV’s Luther, are both hotly tipped to play superhero Ms Marvel in Avengers 2, the sequel to Avengers Assemble.

I would say most of us  have assumed there’d be new characters added in the sequel maybe, hopefully, at least one woman. Front runners were Ms. – and oh dear god do I hope they call her Captain – Marvel and Wasp, so this rumor isn’t completely from another universe. But, coming from the Daily Mail and mentioned as a strange, minor note within another story, I don’t think Marvel‘s made some secret casting announcement we didn’t hear about.

And indeed there has been no official world from Marvel Studios about Emily Blunt and Ruth Wilson being considered for the role. If there even is a role! Which has also not been confirmed.

Pretending this is true, what do you think of the two contenders. Would you rather it be Wasp, the actual first female Avenger and founding member?

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