It wasn’t long since the invention of the marketable consumer video camera that fans found another use for the technology beyond preserving precious memories and the funny trivialities of everyday life. That’s right, were talking fan films, a niche culture that’s been growing and thriving thanks to easy distribution via the internet and the ever increasing availability of new technology and software to make production easier.

And since no art form is completely legitimized until someone makes a documentary about it, it seems some that one enterprising filmmaker is looking to give fan films their due. Directed by John E. Hudgens, Backyard Blockbusters pays tribute to the likes to Troops, Batman: Dead End, and Star Trek: Phase II, and manages to get some pretty interesting access and interviews in the process. The recently completed film is currently shopping for a festival run.

Here’s the film’s synopsis:

Did you ever see that movie where Batman fought a Predator? Or where kids remade “Raiders of the Lost Ark”? What about the fourth season of classic “Star Trek”? If none of these are familiar to you, that’s because they’re not studio projects, but fan films – and I’ve just finished and started touring film festivals with a documentary about these kinds of projects called “Backyard Blockbusters” – it looks at the history, influence, and copyright problems these types of projects face, and includes nearly everyone from the most famous, popular, and/or notable fan films, as well as notables from the original properties and production companies.

Below is the trailer for the film:

Currently, Backyard Blockbusters is trying to get into a documentary film festival held at Arclight Cinemas in Hollywood, a festival whose line-up is decided on votes based on viewing the film’s trailer on You Tube. Director Hudgens explains:

There’s a very cool screening opportunity coming up, but I need public help to get the film into it – the Arclight Cinema in Hollywood is holding a documentary film festival in November, and the selection process is being done online through public voting – and “Backyard Blockbusters” is one of the contenders.

They will be counting both the amount of views the competing trailers for the various films get on YouTube pages, as well as the amount of votes the films receive on a special Facebook page.

That Facebook link is here, so feel free to vote and help support this unique film project.

And to learn more about the film go to You can also see some more clips from the film on the production company’s YouTube page.

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