Aw yeah, it’s another wild rumor! These are my favorite ’cause they create the biggest stir, and today’s will likely start some chatter. Moviehole is reporting a source close to the Justice League movie has said Armie Hammer is, “back on WB‘s radar,” for Batman. See, back when WB took their first stab at a Justice League flick, before it was squashed by the writer’s strike, Hammer was Batman, would they cast him again? Hmm.

Y’know, I’m not really sure if Hammer having been their choice before makes him a stronger candidate or not? What I bet will make him a strong candidate is how well The Lone Ranger performs. If the movie’s a hit and he shines, then I’d call it very likely.

This “source” continued with, “The Batman in this movie might only be used in Justice League movies.” So they’re not lookin’ to jump start a new franchise. Though who’s to say if the Justice League movie is successful it won’t becomes its own franchise.

What say you bastards? Is Hammer who you’d pick for the Batman of WB’s Justice League movie?

Source: Blastr

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