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ABOVE: How Girls Really Look When They Game [GeeksAreSexy]

Need your Masters of the Universe fix?  This new iOS game lets you don the furry underwear and go head-to-head with Skeletor and his army of evil-bad-guys.  Though if you listen to the critics, it’s complete crap.  So maybe best to just wait this one out.  [ToplessRobot]

Ah yes, the beautiful country of New Zealand!  It’s known world-wide for its beauty and its host of other wonders such as… umm… okay, well… being the place where they filmed Lord of the Rings maybe?  That’s right, the country that is best known as “those guys next to Australia” is jumping on the hobbit bandwagon and attempting to take currency out of circulation via their new collectible hobbit monies.  Oh, and they got stamps too, in case that’s your thing. [TheMarySue]

I know it’s hard to believe, but as the clip above proves, there was indeed a time when the world was ignorant of Star Wars.  The guy who wrote this better just hope that Darth ‘Star Creature’ Vader never hears about this or he may get ‘extrasensory power choked’. [GeekTyrant]

One thing this Nerdbastard will never get tired of is hot girls doing cosplay.  The above video has a plethora of such sexily clad ladies, along with some nice costumes and a catchy tune.  Oh, and a his-and-hers Deadpool, which is awesome. [GeekTyrant]

There’s a reason that band geeks are indeed geeks and this video proves that the Ohio State University Marching Band has us all beat on so many levels.  All I have to say after watching this is… Fucking Wow. [NerdApproved]

The truth behind the conflict between Dwarf and Troll in Moria is at last revealed.  And I think I might be just as pissed if this happened to me.  Yes, it’s some LEGO LOTR and it’s LOL (oh my fucking God, did I seriously just write that?).  [Kotaku]

Apparently, Canada has been invaded by… well, Space Invaders, who else?  This LED lightshow in streets of Toronto shows how far people will go to declare the allegiance to the mother-ship.  Much better than those stupid “Christmas Lights” we in the states have. [Tecnabob]

And here we have one more reason why I’m thinking of relocating to Canada – a zombie-themed PSA to encourage people to learn CPR.  Of course, considering how the whole thing turns out, you might be more encouraged to ask your neighbors to not learn it. [TDWGeek]

Here’s a group of people from the University of Advanced Technology who are doing what you wish you were – making kick-ass video game films.  This one happens to detail events set 35 years before the Mass Effect story begins. [RedSand]

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