The love of scribe J.R.R. Tolkien is nearly legendary within the realm of literature.  Few people have captured the imagination of so many people across the world.  The obsession with Lord of the Rings and its resounding theatrical success is proof of that, as is the timeless attraction of people to Tolkien’s works over the last several decades.  Unfortunately, like all good things the stories must end.  Eventually you run out of books and the journey is over.  Unless, of course, a new work by the old master happens to be published…

That’s exactly what’s happening with Tolkien’s previously unpublished The Fall of Arthur.  This 200-page narrative has remained in the shadows for more than 75 years – since before the publication of The Hobbit.  Even though people knew of its existence, no finished versions were known of until recently.

This new tale of Tolkien details the last days of King Arthur’s life and how he marches off to battle against Mordred to save his kingdom.  It will be published by HarperCollins and edited by Tolkien’s son, Christopher.  The younger Tolkien will also be providing some commentary via essays placed within the book.

For those who can’t wait, here are the opening lines of The Fall of Arthur:

“Arthur eastward in arms purposed
his war to wage on the wild marches,
over seas sailing to Saxon lands,
from the Roman realm ruin defending.
Thus the tides of time to turn backward
and the heathen to humble, his hope urged him,
that with harrying ships they should hunt no more
on the shining shores and shallow waters
of South Britain, booty seeking.”


Look for the new book to be released during May of 2013.

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