A few days ago director J.J. Abrams popped by Conan bringing with him some much coveted Star Trek Into Darkness footage. The only thing missing was the footage, a second of Spock onscreen can hardly be called footage, right?

And yes, we feel ripped off about the minimal footage, but some people have been taking it much harder.

Since the reveal fans over TrekMovie.com have been shooting photon torpedoes filled with verbal abuse in the footage’s direction. It was only a brief piece of footage, something meant to increase our interest in the sequel, but fans have been seemingly taking it the wrong way. In defense of the anticipated sequel Trek writer Roberto Orci reportedly took it upon himself to take to the Trek forums.

Did he call the Trekkies out? No, he reassured everyone of what they can look forward to seeing:

I guess you will have to show me the marketing handbook you are using to question our schedule. Appreciate that you wanna see things ASAP. Delayed gratification is not a strong characteristic of some folks. I get it. All I can say is:

Relax. the movie is gonna melt your face right off. Your eyeballs are going to bleed. And you’ll thank us 😉

“Our eyeballs our going to bleed.” Those are some pretty bold words from Orci, considering that a second of footage has received so much backlash, but Star Trek Into Darkness is still in post-production and is months away from a proper reveal.

Abrams, Orci and everyone else involved in the Star Trek “alternate universe” are doing this for a reason, it’s why Hollywood has made blockbusters out of marketing campaigns. We should reserve our judgement for when we actually have something longer to look at and can dissect it for hours on end.

Star Trek Into Darkness is set to open theaters everywhere May 17th, 2013.

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