As we start to ramp up to this weekends New York Comic-Con, it looks like a big juicy piece of news dropped early. DC Comics as announced the creative team to replace Grant Morrison on the flagship title Action Comics. Writer Andy Diggle (The Losers, Green Arrow: Year One) and artist Tony Daniel (DC’s other flagship books, Detective Comics and Justice League) will assume creative duties as of issue #18.

The announcement was made on DC’s official blog, The Source, and was met with all the fluffy words you would expect. Both Diggle and Daniel talked about being excited to work together on the big blue boy scout’s home title and spoke about sending the Man of Steel to exciting new directions. The new run will take place in the ‘now’ of the New 52, unlike Morrison’s that happend 5 years in the past. Both Daniel and Diggle are power house creative types and DC spends a few paragraphs letting you know. Below all that? A taste of Daniel’s take on the Man of Tomorrow… If by ‘tomorrow’ you mean mid 1990s.

Hit the jump to see it, but a word of caution. If you are not yet over the lack of red undies on the outside look for Supes… maybe just walk away now.

FINALLY! Superman is black and silver again, like no one wanted. It should be mentioned that DC Comics really said nothing, nor has answered anyone’s questions about this image and if it is in fact a new look for Superman. If I was pressed to guess I would say its not, it’s just that wacky Kryptonian armor doing its thing again. I mean, DC wouldn’t put Supes in new dudes a year after replacing his iconic look, right? That would be just stupid.


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