Chris Hemsworth has been making quite the name for himself in recent years.  Ever since he took on the role of Thor, his name has been pure gold.  In addition to finding his way into Steven Spielberg’s Robopocalypse and the Red Dawn remake, Hemsworth has been piling up prestigious projects.  The latest in this endless stream of jobs is an offer to play the lead role in an upcoming book adaptation called American Assassin.

Apparently the people in charge really want this to happen, cause Hemsworth has been offered a ridiculous $10 million if he decides to jump on board.  American Assassin is but one book in a multi-volume series written by Vince Flynn.  It follows the spy adventures of Mitch Rapp – CIA terrorist hunter.  If the first adaptation proves to be popular, Hemsworth could be looking at a regular paycheck for the next decade at least.  Not to mention all the Thor roles he will no doubt be asked to reprise.

While that’s a lot of fkn money, one has to wonder whether Hemsworth would be willing to have his face attached to a role that intimately.  Of course, the whole spy persona worked out just fine for Sean Connery, so why not?


Thanks to screenrant for the heads-up.

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