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He’s seen The Exorcist about 167 times, and it keeps getting funnier every single time he sees it! Beetlejuice, love him or hate him, you can’t deny he is defiantly ‘the ghost with the most‘. [garabating]

Hit the Jump for Wonder Woman, Freddy Krueger, Lucha Libre Star Wars and MOAR!

Tony Moore of Walking Dead fame shows us what the zombie apocalypse will be like for a couple of nerd icons. In the background is Elvira; missing an eyeball and retaining certain other famous features. In the foreground, yes true believers, it is your faithful undead generalissimo. Excelsibraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaains. [tensionycaida]

I guess now that they are boyfriend and girlfriend, Wonder Woman has taken to borrowing a few articles of Superman’s clothing.  Sadly artist É de Lascar doesn’t explain why exactly Kal-El has a super-hanky. [Frank Ayers spot]

Speaking of Superman, his warped alternate version Bizarro Superman is one ugly son of a bitch and digital artist Eric Spitler just raised the bar on the ugly stick. Basing his work off the Eric Powell version of Bizarro, Spitler gives us what could be the most realistic Bizarro to date. Maybe CW‘s Smallvile would have been better had they seen this first. [Geek Tyrant]

Oh snap, someones getting sued.   [Nerd Approved]

When you are the master of nightmares, few things probably scare you. Well Freddy, you’re in Kirby‘s Dreamland now, bitch. [Geek Tyrant]

RUN! It’s some of the biggest characters of the eightes and their back for the taste of human flesh thanks to artist Cuyler Smith.  By the way has anyone seen Bueller?… Bueller? [Geek Tyrant]

Artist Jen Broomall created this small series of ladies wearing Spider-Man’s face featuring Gwen Stacey, Black Cat and Mary Jane Watson, a win for an hero looking to have some groupies.

Oh Doctor, people may not have orignally liked your debut on Doctor Who, but now that enough time has passed, fans like Holly Mongi love you. Then they draw you. With your suspenders and little red bow tie everyone loves you now -execpt for the Daleks, they still hate you. [Deviant Art]

Wolverine is helping Deadpool dress up like Jean Grey. Yea…. this whole Marvel NOW! business is getting weird. [Toxic Adam’s Asylum]

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