I think most folks can agree that 2004’s Van Helsing was an unabashed cheese fest. Even with all it’s action, effects and star power of Hugh Jackman and Kate Beckinsale the film was destined for the discount movie bin.

Its failure, of course, means its getting a reboot. Yes, another reboot! This rehash, however, will be its own film. The only thing thing it will share with Jackman and Beckinsale’s abortion of a movie is its name.

This version by Universal pictures will be scripted by two of the three minds behind the upcoming Star Trek into Darkness, Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci. Former Katie Holmes hubby and action star Tom Cruise is poised to star in the action fantasy reboot.

The project is still early stages of development. It’s got a leading man and a master writing team, but where is Van Helsing’s director ?

With no director, all you have is two guys locked in a room writing and an actor pushing his Scientology beliefs on the stage crew – neither of which is a good thing. Thankfully, according to Twitch, Snow White and the Huntsman director Rupert Sanders has reportedly been chosen to helm the project.

At this time, no official announcements have been made. If Sanders does agree, it’ll free up the Snow White sequel to some new direction.

In light of recent wrong doings with an openly known Twilight actress, he would be wise to accept the position; taking some heat off his shoulders.

I for one, hope he takes the project. He’s such a raw and visceral director. I think his aptitude for doom and gloom would match up very well for this vampire hunting romp.

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