There are some set pictures making their way onto the Internet today that show two of the villains from the upcoming James Mangold directed The Wolverine movie starring Hugh Jackman. We get a first look at both the Silver Samurai (Will Yun Lee) and (Svetlana Khodchenkova) Viper.

Let’s get right to the pictures:

The only troubling aspect that grabs me is Svetlana’s blonde hair. Viper has green hair and lipstick. Perhaps she makes that transition in the movie so I’m not gonna nerd rage, knock over my monitor and throw my bag of cheese puffs across the room.

The (back) of that Silver Samurai costume looks ass kicking, I can’t wait to see the fight scene between Wolverine and the Silver Sammy. I can hear the metal clanging, spark throwing, fight in my head now.

Get your thoughts out in the comments section below. Are you pumped for this movie or expecting another Ho-Hum yawner like the last one?

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