NYCC 2012: Preview Night in Pictures

They say nothing tops the rush of San Diego Comic Con — the megawatt star power, the exclusives, the fun — but New York Comic Con has it’s own sense of spectacular, nestled in between the skyscrapers, stench, and sonic boom of the real-life Gotham.

This is my third time at the east coast’s largest comic and culture convention, and so far it’s on target to be the best. I’m frankly too poor to cross the flyover states en route to San Diego, but on preview night alone I saw Robert Kirkman walk past my wife as she was too distracted by one of the dazzling toy booths (Mattel, how you pull us in with your tractor beams and Ghostbusters figures) and then a Link cosplayer lay down his mighty sword and shield to play some Tomb Raider (which looks astonishing up close).

Following that, I politely bothered a very busy Neal Adams to ask the legendary comic artist a couple of questions before Hellboy and Pacific Rim director Guillermo del Toro came over to Adams’ booth and busted up my interview (or politely said hello to Mr. Adams and then needlessly and graciously apologized for said interview bustage before shaking my hand).

I saw these things that ranged from bonkers to neat, a Captain America cosplayer meeting Falcon for the first time, the true intimidation that comes from staring down an actual Dalek, some astonishingly detailed and dedicated cosplay, and a couple of displays that would make your headspin. All this on the first night, and I haven’t even scratched the surface. No, New York Comic Con isn’t the same as San Diego, but my oh my is it some kind of lovely spectacle of fun and mayhem.

Stay tuned to for our live floor reports, cosplay galleries, exclusive interviews with some of the biggest names in comic books and entertainment, and some tremendous surprises. For now though, check out New York Comic Con in all of it’s still developing glory. – J. Tabrys

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