Sexy Cosplay of the Week: ExileFayt

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The week has come and gone, and while it’s hard to say goodbye it means our weekend is close at hand. To help you pass the time (before all methods of time keeping become irrelevant for 48 hours) we give you this week’s Sexy Cosplay of the Week  from the Florida coast to bring you ExileFayt.

While most young girls are growing up with boy bands and barbie dolls, ExileFayt spent her tween years playing Mortal Kombat, RPG’s, and growing into the knowledgeable cosplayer she is today. A supporter of Cosplay for a Cure, a non-profit photo booth event raising money and awareness for Breast Cancer research, ExileFayt considers cosplay an art form -no matter how busty the characters she’s playing are. She’s even shared her message for interviews with sites like and Cosplay: The Documentary, spreading her mentality of “art and substance” with other like-minded cosplayers.

And when ExileFayt isn’t spreading her cause with Borg-like efficiency, she’s rocking some incredibly detailed cosplay. From the deadly and vivacious EVA (Metal Gerar Solid 3: Snake Eater),  LeBlanc, the Deceiver (League of Legends) to Ramona Flowers (Scott Pilgrim). Hit the jump to see her amazing talent.

Check out more of ExileFayt at her Facebook, Tumblr or Deviant Art pages for more.

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