Hollywood has done it again – bringing back the old folks and pitting them against each other in a fight to the finish!  Yes, folks, it’s another continuation in the rise of the action geriatrics and this time involves Sylvester Stallone and Robert de Niro working together on a boxing movie called Grudge Match.

It’s not going to be all badly performed stunts and catch-phrases, however.  This movie is a comedy about boxing, not a straight-up throw-down.  The Raging Bull and Rocky will play two old, retired boxers who happen to hate the piss out of each other.  Nearly 50 years after their last title fight, some fight promoter convinces them that it’s a good idea to go head-to-head once more.

Grudge Match is being put together by Warner Bros., directed by Peter Segal (Get Smart) and is being written by Doug Ellin (Entourage).  The newest addition to cast and crew is Kevin Hart, who recently signed on to play the promoter that wants the two to get in the ring and break some hips.

And while I’m not impressed with the production crew, I can see getting some laughs from the two old classic boxing actors, especially considering that the script lets them play elderly folks instead of trying to make them 30-something again.  You never know, I may even spend money to see this in the theaters, unless the trailer confirms my worst fears…

What do you folks sitting lazily at home on the couch think?  Is de Niro a comedy nightmare?  Will it be worth it just to see these two in a film together one more time?


Thanks to screenrant for punching us in the junk.

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